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       Beatsync is an eight-piece a cappella ensemble from Toronto, Ontario combining eclectic repertoire with dynamic beats and sophisticated arrangements. From pop to electronic to classic soul, Beatsync draws upon diverse influences to craft their unique contemporary sound, interpreting modern hits and deep cuts alike through a playful creative lens.
       Having first crossed paths in various fixtures of Toronto’s fast-growing a cappella scene, these eight dynamic vocalists came together with one goal in mind: to explore the human voice, no instruments necessary. Beatsync aims to be as eclectic and versatile as its members, with repertoire spanning from Björk to  to Jessie J and even a detour into Chinese folksong.
       阿卡贝拉在多伦多快速发展,在第一次经历清唱现场繁杂的音乐辅助设备后,这八位富有激情的声乐家便走到了一起,他们心中怀着共同的目标:探索人类声音,无需借助乐器。Beatsync希望成员能博采众长,多才多艺,他们的曲目跨度很大,从冰岛歌者比约克,到英国歌者Jessie J,甚至跨到中国的民歌。
       Since their formation in 2015, Beatsync has been making waves locally and internationally, including a feature performance as part of Fairchild Television’s 2016 Mandarin Profile Awards, in which the group performed a tailor-made set of English- and Mandarin-language songs beloved to Eastern and Western audiences alike. Soon afterward, the group made their public debut at SING! Toronto Vocal Arts Festival in 2016 with an eclectic set combining intricate a cappella harmonies and diverse soloists with electronic elements and live looping.
       Since then, Beatsync has continued to perform within Toronto’s thriving arts and music scene as they prepare for their biggest project yet: a tour to China. Moving forward, Beatsync aims to continue to explore the boundaries of their genre, bringing energetic, beat-oriented a cappella music to the masses. 
Director Photo Nick
Director Photo Daniel
       Beatsync is co-directed and conducted by Daniel Boyle and Nick Kotoulas. Daniel, a speech therapist, and Nick, a researcher in chemistry, first met in the a cappella community at the University of Toronto, and have pursued a mutual fascination with vocal music ever since.
       Both Nick and Daniel possess a lifelong interest in music. Nick got his start studying classical piano within the Royal Conservatory of Music certificate program, performing in musical theatre in his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Daniel first studied the guitar and trumpet, playing in jazz, concert and garage bands throughout his teenage years. It was in their early years of university that both Nick and Daniel started to sing, compose and arrange a cappella music, and they haven’t looked back since.
       After a year directing TBA, an award-winning a cappella group at the university, the duo decided to create a group of their own, along with six dear and talented friends—and thus became Beatsync. They could not be more excited to continue this collaboration, exploring new horizons overseas with the group.

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